Business Intelligence: More Than a Dashboard

Business Intelligence is More than Just Dashboards

Nearly every ERP system on the market now also offers a Business Intelligence (BI) module to provide more flexibility and advanced data visualization (graphics). BI is mostly recognized as the source of the executive dashboard that contains graphical displays of major high level measurements like sales, production statistics, inventory level and the like, with alarms and drill-down capabilities.

More than simply arranging data into convenient and attractive formats, however, BI includes analytics as well as data warehouse/data mining capabilities. BI provides the tools that can turn data into knowledge and insight.

In this guide, we’ll show you how smart businesses can tap into this incredible resource. You will learn:

  • How business intelligence works
  • The robust reporting found in business intelligence
  • How to combine related data into meaningful metrics
  • How creating your own analysis provides for a deeper understanding of key data

Learn how to get the data you need to make smart business decisions by downloading this guide today.