Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner

Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner

As if choosing the right software isn’t hard enough, you also have to pick the right implementation partner (and by “right,” we mean “experienced”). Download this guide to learn about four critical qualities to consider:

  • Honesty: The partner’s estimates should be realistic. They should also prove to you that they really understand the issues at stake in your industry.
  • Quality Consultants: Think of the importance of the consultants as you would think about your own employees—and be sure that the consultants you meet are the ones who will be assigned to your project.
  • References: The names of the companies on this list should resemble yours in size and complexity. Also, ask for references for the consultants themselves, not just for the company.
  • Focus: Look for a potential implementation partner whose business is just right. Too small, and it may not have enough experience—or experience in your industry. Too big, and it may not prioritize your implementation in comparison with larger businesses.

Download the guide now to learn more.