Resilient Sales Strategies for Wholesale Distribution and Retail Commerce Leaders

Boost sales, cut costs, and grow profits despite uncertain market conditions.

As wholesale distribution and retail commerce leaders face unpredictable market conditions and changing relationships with today’s manufacturers (many of whom are bypassing conventional distribution channels and selling directly to consumers), they need to reconsider their current business model and their aging, disconnected technology. A modern cloud ERP solution arms them with the information and sales strategies—as well as the automation capabilities—they need to compete and thrive in uncertain times.

This value-filled eBook gives distributors and retailers real, resilient sales strategies for overcoming current economic challenges. They’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a healthy pipeline with marketing automation.
  • Automate sales processes for growing revenue.
  • Grow sales with retail and commerce applications.
  • Improve profits with flexible, product-centric pricing models and real-time insights.
  • Manage non-stock items with service-centric pricing.
  • Empower sales reps to offer flexible discounts with automated notifications for management approvals.

In addition to offering advanced sales strategies, the eBook provides an overview of industry considerations, a look at the importance of customer support, and an explanation of how best-in-class applications extend Acumatica’s cloud ERP solution to meet business’ evolving needs.