What Has Changed in Wholesale Distribution: 2015 & Beyond

Say Goodbye to Manual Processes

Online consumers are redefining the fulfillment landscape. Wholesalers need to unlock the value of integrated business data. Only full insight into all areas of the distributor’s business will provide the necessary clarity to make decisions they can stand behind. This confidence can be achieved only if they have the required data and technology at hand at the right time. The total technology investment is not small. But, it may mean the future viability of the wholesale distribution segment. Why now is the critical time to invest.

New research shows that the highest-performing wholesale distributors are embracing end-to-end automation technologies to invest in transformational process change and thrive in an increasingly complex wholesale business network.

Key takeways from this report include:

  • The top 30% of companies have adopted advanced automation to synchronize their processes and better serve customers
  • Top performing distributors invest in process change and technology at twice the rate of their peers
  • Top performers invest in real-time, mobile interactive technologies – 87% of leaders have a mobile solution

Say goodbye to manual processes. See how top distributors are out rivaling competitors in both cost and service metric by downloading this free report today.