Benefits of Migrating from Sage to Acumatica

Sage to Acumatica

Once upon a time, Sage’s feature package provided the premier ERP service for small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Those days are long gone. Sage is now legacy software running on code that isn't agile enough to meet the needs of modern business. 

It is adequate for the day-to-day functions of a business looking to stay afloat, and there's something to be said for sticking with what you know to increase efficiency through familiarity. But the cost of maintaining outdated hardware and software is far greater than the price alone — and outdated security puts your business at risk. 

Don’t stay stuck in the past. It’s time for an upgrade. Enter Acumatica. Both ERP software solutions offer the flexibility to upgrade your package based on your schedule and export relational databases, but the similarities end there. 

Acumatica offers a far superior, fully-functional ERP that creates a better return on investment for greater cost-efficiency and fewer resource costs. 

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Sage vs. Acumatica: The Past vs. the Future 

Step out of your comfort zone. Sage is legacy software that, while familiar, is outdated and costs more money to support and maintain than the value it brings to your business. 

It can’t keep pace with the latest technology and business demands, can’t seamlessly deploy and back up to the cloud, and can’t integrate with contemporary tools and external applications. 

While Sage has a long and storied history, it's time to move on. Acumatica offers all Sage's benefits and more in a single, integrated package — no third-party applications required. 

Savings for Growing Businesses 

Sage offers a per-user price plan. This approach seems wonderful on paper, especially if headcount growth is slow. But in this era of rapid growth and change, few businesses aren't looking to expand, and this pricing model punishes expanding SMBs. 

Acumatica instead offers flexible packages and licensing options designed to suit your needs. It charges based on system usage, not on the number of users. 

Designed to provide a fair price for the companies using the product, Acumatica's resource-based pricing is designed for accessibility. Rather than paying for each user you add, you’ll pay only for the computing resources you actually use.

We charge based on usage, not headcount. If you aren’t using an application, you shouldn’t pay extra for it. Fees follow actual resource usage, never a flat rate, which keeps costs low during lean times and empowers you to grow your business without fear of excessive fees. 

Advanced Systems for Advanced Businesses 

Acumatica completely integrates every ERP need into a single platform, which slashes IT support costs, eliminates downtime, and contains as many business needs as possible in a single, intuitive system. 

Quit installing third-party applications for every need and transition to an all-in-one solution, one that's built for the cloud from the ground up and ready to run natively without dedicated on-premises storage space. 

The IT savings alone are worth the switch, empowering your staff to change their focus to upgrading and maintaining your other systems. 

Acumatica offers true portability, working equally well on all machines without any specialized software or mandatory apps. Work from anywhere with all business data at your fingertips — hybrid, home, or office. 

Sage vs. Acumatica: See for Yourself 

At Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner, we don't believe in paragraphs of empty promises. A new ERP software implementation represents a significant investment of time and money that we understand should never be taken lightly. 

For SMBs, such an investment can make or break the business. Weathering the costs of an unworkable upgrade can drive razor-thin profit margins into the ground. 

So it pays to be careful and do your due diligence. Know your business needs for the next few years, and think critically when you research. Ask questions. Compare your situation to our testimonials. You want a software package that serves you in the future, not just today. 

We understand the risks, so we'd never ask you to take the plunge without seeing for yourself.

 View our Acumatica demo videos for a full demonstration of Acumatica's integrations and benefits, and let us prove — and not just claim — that Cloud 9 ERP Solutions is the right partner for you. 


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