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Replacing Sage 100 with Acumatica

Replacing Sage 100 with Acumatica

You may be familiar with Sage 100 and Acumatica. Both ERP software solutions can seem ideal on the surface. But when it comes to choosing from the huge variety of products on the market, Acumatica is the clear winner. 

With Sage’s long and storied history, it’s important to compare the two and be thorough so you can get a great sense of which product brings the most benefit. This research is especially important since many ERP software solutions look the same on the surface. 

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Acumatica beats out all Sage products and every other program on the market. 

Acumatica Has the Best Pricing Benefits for Tailored ROI on ERP Software 

Acumatica does not charge based on user count. It uses a unique pricing model tailored to your system resource usage instead. Compare that to the following competing products, which all bill using an account-based model: 

- Everest ERP
- Macola
- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
- Microsoft Dynamics GP
- Microsoft Dynamics NAV
- Microsoft Dynamics SL
- Oracle NetSuite
- QuickBooks
- Sage
- Sage Intacct

Pricing provides a quick and easy way to see that, even if you get a similar product, Acumatica provides a greater ROI than the competition. 

Acumatica Has the Best Winning Record In G2 Summer 2022 Accolades

Don’t take our word for it. Third parties and real users see Acumatica as the best in the business. The Acumatica suite took home seven awards in the Summer 2022 G2 reviews for usability, momentum, customer relationships, and as a leader in both the small business and mid-market company spheres. 

It stood up against all of the competition in these categories and came out on top when compared to thousands of other quality products. 

Put simply, Acumatica is the best in the business. 

Why Your Business Should Replace Sage 100 with Acumatica 

Acumatica is the clearly superior option in features and benefits, modern design, and quality integration. Both Acumatica and Sage bring a rich suite of financial options, support for a variety of different industries, and strong third-party integrations. But the devil is in the details, and the two solutions could not be more different there. 

Features — What Acumatica Has that Sage Does Not 

Acumatica uses a “true cloud” model built for the cloud from the very beginning and designed to work with this modern method of computing. Compare that to Sage, which migrated to the cloud much later in its development lifespan. 

This architecture means that Acumatica enjoys true mobility as a cloud-native solution — it supports all devices, desktop and mobile, with no need for specialized apps or programs. It is a full-function ERP that only the best Sage suites can compare to. 

Acumatica has flexible licensing based on your needs and usage, rather than a flat charge applied for each account you open. Because of this flexibility, it’s able to scale and grow as your company does. You have plenty of chances to adjust as you need rather than rely on a forecast model that can change at any time. 

The Acumatica platform also leverages its flexibility during initial setup to create a deployment that Sage can’t hope to match. Acumatica has a deployment option to match your needs, whatever they might be. 

Development History 

Sage has a long history as a valued suite, but as a product of the 80s, it now rests among the ranks of legacy software. While adequate, it was built with older system architecture and can’t meet the needs of modern cloud deployment options. 

The Sage platform lacks the direct migration paths of more modern systems like Acumatica because Sage developed its products on older hardware. Compare that to Acumatica, which features fully-integrated ERP and CRM solutions for modern systems. 

Acumatica’s contemporary history made it take a different approach to customer-first service. It wrote the industry’s first Customer Bill of Rights during its foundation and challenged its competition to do the same. So far, it has yet to meet its match. 


Acumatica knows that once a company switches its ERP solutions, it has no interest in doing so again. So Acumatica built its solutions for both today’s problems and the needs of the future — with a versatile open platform that integrates with the world’s finest cloud and mobile tech. 

The platform requires no software installations and has no operating system requirements — instead, users access it through a web browser. As browser needs change, operating systems evolve, and new products enter the market, Acumatica continues to offer the same great service without interruption.

See What a Leading Acumatica Partner Can Do for You 

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a proven cloud solution for today’s growing business, providing the functionality, flexibility, and access that today’s business leader needs. Built on an adaptable cloud and mobile platform, Acumatica helps mid-sized organizations to operate more efficiently, take control of operations, and grow with ease.

As one of the leading Acumatica Partners, the Cloud 9 ERP Solutions team has worked with customers looking to replace Sage 100 for years and has the skills to make this solution work for you. Contact us today or learn more about the benefits of migrating from Sage to Acumatica.


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