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Acumatica 07-Oct-2019

Don’t Wait: 6 Reasons to Upgrade Your ERP Before 2020


An ERP migration or implementation can be somewhat disruptive. Not pursuing an upgrade comes at a high price, too, unfortunately. Continuously weighing the costs versus benefits can delay implementing the latest update. And, it’s almost 2020. Hard to believe… but business applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated. If it’s been some time since your organization has upgraded its ERP system, here are six reasons not to wait.

  1. 1) A Lack of Integration

    ERP software that integrates with CRM and other applications enables data to be transferred between systems. Without this functionality, more manual work is necessary, which can lead to errors and decreased efficiency. If each department is using a different software application, implementing the latest system can improve collaboration across your organization.
  3. 2) Productivity Could Be Higher

  4. Productivity applies to people and processes. If your staff is spending considerable time on administrative work and sorting through data on spreadsheets, upgrading your ERP can allow them to do more in less time. As for process flows, the benefits of automation can be assessed by a software vendor’s diagnostics. Their analyses can help reveal how business processes can be streamlined to boost efficiency.
  6. 3) It Doesn’t Support Mobile Devices

  7. A mobile workforce helps businesses be more versatile and competitive. Organizational cultures are being reshaped by enterprise applications that can be accessed on mobile devices. If your current ERP doesn’t present critical information, allow users to enter critical data or automatically resize pages to fit the user’s screen, it is time for an upgrade.
  9. 4) Standard Features Are Lacking

  10. Does your current system have full data analytics and business intelligence with industry-specific metrics, insights and functionality? If the answer is no, then your business is not at a competitive advantage. Without an upgrade soon, it is at risk of falling behind. An ERP should also support the latest frameworks, such as Microsoft .NET, and programming languages such as C#, as Acumatica does.


5) Your Software Doesn’t Comply with the Latest Regulations

One reason ERP vendors continuously update their software is to comply with regulatory requirements. If you do business in the EU and your software isn’t compliant with laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies wherever personal data of EU residents is used or stored, you risk being fined the greater of £20 million or 4% of your annual global turnover. If you don’t think this is a real issue, check out British Airways $230,000,000 fine for GDPR violations resulting from a data breach.

6) The Vendor No Longer Supports It

Vendors often can’t justify supporting outdated software over developing and supporting their most recent version. If the product is one or more versions past your company’s implementation, the savings are only short term. The longer you wait, the more drastic and expensive an upgrade project can be.

Migrate to the Latest Version of Acumatica Now

Don’t wait another year! If your current ERP systems is not meeting your needs, Q4 is the last chance to make the switch and set your business up for success in 2020. How do you know if it’s time?

    • Your ERP does not support the needs of the business (lacks functionality, is hard to use, response time is too slow)
    • Operating costs are too high
    • You rely on spreadsheets to get things done
    • Executives get little useful insight from the system (lack of dashboards, self-service BI, or they are difficult to use)


      It doesn’t matter if you are a small or medium-sized business, Acumatica Cloud ERP has the right solution for all types of businesses:

  • Fast Track implementation (out of the box, no customizations deployed in 0-90 days)
  • Acumatica Edition solutions (Distribution, Manufacturing, Field Services, Commerce)
  • Acumatica Enterprise Edition (Large organizations, many users, high transaction level)

Click here to schedule a free evaluation of your business and operations or to learn more. We’d like to get you on the right Cloud ERP path with Acumatica!

Still not sure? Browse the links below to see if it is time for your company to make the switch: 


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