Modernize Your Business Today to Beat the Competition

Modern ERP systems improve user experiences, ensure process workflow, and integrate document management. It also improves the overall business with end-to-end functions, internal and external collaboration, and significantly reduces IT issues by using “true cloud” technology. That’s why the companies you compete with have already started moving to the cloud. From a recent IDC report:

“The SMB innovators and early adopters have already moved to the cloud; the early majority is now getting started.”        

Bottom line: Today’s modern Cloud ERP systems are more productive and less expensive. They give you greater control over your wholesale distribution environment and drive business growth.

IDC also reported that “the Cloud is often the first choice when SMBs (small and medium businesses) consider making new IT decisions or replacing existing and outdated IT solutions.” For many SMBs, choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) provides the benefits of an enterprise-class solution without the enterprise IT budget. SaaS lets you pay a monthly fee to use the software and remote infrastructure. Thus, avoiding a much larger cost to purchase and support software and hardware.

Our new eBook, True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast Growing Businesses, shares why organizations found that cloud applications were right for their businesses. You will learn: 

  • How using cloud solutions can help you grow net revenue.
  • Which five lines of business can benefit most from cloud technology.
  • Why 7% of SMBs agree that the benefits of the cloud outweigh any potential security risks.
  • Why the cloud isn’t just for early adopters anymore.
  • Six proven tips for planning your path to the cloud.

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With Acumatica, you can:

  • Access your ERP anytime, anywhere, from a web browser on any Internet-connected device.
  • Pay as you go, and easily scale resources up or down based on growth or changing business needs.

Free your wholesale distribution operations from the complexities and costs of managing hardware and maintaining software. Acumatica is designed to deliver the highest levels of security, availability, and performance.


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