The status quo is sometimes a "no-no"


There is a reason most of us don't wear clothes from the 1970's was the status quo back then, but now...not so much. 

The same can be said regarding your Financial and Operational Software.  "Is it the status quo"?  "Does it feel like the 1970's"?  It may be hard to see sometimes, since that's all you've known. Systems that don't talk to one another, manually taking data from one system and inputting into another, lack of reporting tools.  Or reporting that requires a Cobol programmer to write and maintain it.

Today's cloud business software, Acumatica, is built for the future.  With a rich feature set, ease of customization, unlimited users and accessability from anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can almost guarantee your customers, suppliers and vendors are not settling for the "status quo".  Cloud 9 ERP Solutions can help you get started on your path to Acumatica.

Isn't it time you took those wide bell bottom's and platform shoes and donated them?


Dan Vanacore

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