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Acumatica Customer Contract Billing

Acumatica's Customer Contract Billing Suite allows you to maintain and process automated billing for many types of scenarios:
      • Retainer type contracts.  Customer prepays $5,000.  Use this retainer until depletion.  Then either renew contract , or bill a la carte.
      • Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly Contracts.  Setup, Recurring and Renewal rates where activate contracts can provide services under a specific umbrella.
      • Special Rate Contracts that have a specific term

Contracts, which are part of Acumatica's Accounts Receivable module, have templates for quick setup, options to bill 3rd parties, and automatic schedule billing making the process seamless and easy.

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Cloud 9 ERP Solutions Expands its offices


Stamford, CT

Cloud 9 ERP Solutions relocates to a bigger office space.  "As our services division has grown to ensure our customers receive quality prompt service response times, our office space has also grown to accomodate additional personnel." says Gregg Mercede CEO of Cloud 9 ERP Solutions.  This move represents a stop gap measure as growth year over year has doubled and is forecasted to do so again in 2017.  "We may need to move again in the near future."

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