Whether Fast or Complex, the Right ERP Partner Puts You on the Best Track

Right ERP Implementation Partner

Last month, we discussed the potential value that a FastTrack implementation can have for your business, combining a 90-day or less project with minimal configuration.

Exploring the value of starting small and the reasons a modular and expansion-focused cloud product can grow with you, we also understand that a FastTrack methodology is only one of the options—and for many companies, it’s not the best.

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ERP Is Like Surgery—Know Who You Can Trust

Why? Simple. Because more often than not, it’s a lot easier to complete one significant ‘surgery’ than multiple small ones. Now, you may be asking, “surgery?” Yes. ERP implementation projects involve significant investment, require intrusive work into your innermost systems, and has been compared to a heart replacement.

Understandably, this is why an ERP upgrade is compared to a surgery—because often it feels like one for your business. Like any surgery, whether you’re going under the knife once or many times, the decision involves risk. Though some find the proposition of multiple low-risk approaches more palatable, many companies opt to get the procedure over with instead of going under the knife multiple times.

But either way you approach it, one of the things you can’t underestimate is the quality of the implementation partner—or surgeon—doing the job. Whether the project is a simple one or involves a heavy amount of configuration, the right partner will be with you to guide you and your team through the entire process.

What to Expect out of an ERP Implementation Partner

Much like the process of selecting a doctor to complete a surgery, it’s important to find someone with the expertise, experience, and focus needed to complete the job. Similarly, the right professional is going to minimize risk and get the job done with as few surprises as possible.

While we may not be able to recommend a doctor, we know a thing or two about what it takes to be a top implementation partner. Though there are many questions you should ask and many things to discuss, here are just some of the things to focus on when seeking out a partner.

A History of Success with Companies Like Yours

The more complex an ERP project gets, the more important it is to find a partner who has walked the walk. Potential partners should be able to provide references, case studies, and be ready to discuss the nuances that might go into your project.

View our case studies or testimonials to hear our customers speak of their experience with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions and Acumatica

An Innate Understanding of Your Industry

Unique problems require unique solutions. Whether you’re in distribution, manufacturing, professional services, or any other industry, ERP projects are going to look different for each one. Partners should know about the challenges you face and the complexities of the project to help minimize risk and eliminate surprises.

A Team Similar to Your Own

When looking for an ERP project partner, size and culture matters, and you should be looking for a team similar to your own. A company too big for you is bound to send out the B-team, a company too small for you might get overwhelmed by the project, and it’s hard to trust a partner with business critical information if they can’t align with your team.

A Focus on Honesty

Some teams are willing and ready to do anything to close a project. But… Will they deliver? An honest partner is one who will step out of a project if they can’t see it working out—a dishonest one will focus on sales numbers instead of reputation.

Get the Most out of an ERP Project with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions

Whether you come to us with a simple project or a complex one, you’re putting your trust in good hands. At Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner, we have configured and implemented this cloud ERP solution for companies like yours and understand the unique challenges that you face throughout the decision and implementation process.

Verifying a potential implementation partner’s qualifications isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort to properly vet final candidates — a company’s success depends on it. To learn more, read our guide Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner.

Contact us to learn more about moving to a cloud-based ERP system and to schedule a free consultation, or to request a demo!


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