16 Ways Modern Cloud ERP Helps Companies Grow

modern ERP companies grow

Finding the optimal solution for your business, or even the ideal partner to assist you in getting there, is never simple. Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner, has worked with businesses like yours to implement and optimize Acumatica Cloud ERP, a solution that is ready to meet your needs.

This blog post aims to demonstrate how Acumatica Cloud ERP software can help manage your entire business. Your corporate objectives combined with our industry expertise will get you the results you need.

Here are just 16 ways modern Cloud ERP helps companies like yours grow.

1. A Scalable, Cloud-Based ERP Platform 

It is difficult and costly to maintain legacy ERP applications. Utilize Acumatica's Open APIs to evolve and expand your business with a secure, future-proof cloud platform.

2. Connect All Your Systems with One Powerful ERP Suite 

Most organizations using entry-level accounting software or outdated ERP solutions aren't thriving. Acumatica Cloud ERP saves IT costs for growing enterprises with a comprehensive accounting and customer management application suite.

3. Streamline Processes and Minimize Data Entry 

Business today moves faster than ever. Modern cloud ERP software like Acumatica helps expanding firms streamline and automate business operations to increase productivity while reducing errors.

4. Manage Your Organization with Real-Time Data and Dashboards 

Acumatica's robust reporting and analytical tools give firms a 360-degree perspective of their operations. Since everything is on one platform, data can be drilled down to facilitate cross-application transactions, helping you track key performance indicators with real-time data.

5. Reduce Risk with Enhanced Compliance Features 

Quality compliance regulations cause significant slowdowns. Establish a solid foundation with Acumatica to manage OSHA, HIPAA, the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers' compensation, union requirements, and other regulations.

6. Utilize an Advanced Accounting Suite

Acumatica contains robust accounting software and innovative applications powered by A.I. and machine learning, allowing it to connect to thousands of financial institutions and expedite intercompany transactions.

7. Manage Resources with Native-Fixed Assets

The incorporated Fixed Assets module in Acumatica allows you to customize stock depreciation schemes. Keep track of your fixed assets and depreciation estimates.

8. Empower Workers with Mobile Access

Many employees now work from home. Every Acumatica feature is web-based, making it suitable for mobile workers. Workforces may access Acumatica wherever, regardless of VPN reliability or additional hardware and software costs.

9. Trust in Embedded Marketing and Sales Automation 

Business executives must capitalize on every opportunity and explore new ways to increase revenue from existing customers. Acumatica helps organizations generate more leads with connected marketing automation. 

10. Exceed Customer Expectations with Acumatica's Native CRM

A 360-degree view of every client interaction is possible with Acumatica's native CRM application. You can access construction projects, support issues, and even manufacturing estimates and bids securely via embedded CRM.

11. Automate Purchase and Sales Order Processing

Customers use Acumatica Point of Sale powered by IIG for in-store sales and native online storefront integrations with Shopify and BigCommerce. Whatever you buy or sell, Acumatica can help you handle orders.

12. Add Specialized Applications for Your Industry

The beauty of current ERP software like Acumatica is the flexibility to configure optional native applications to support all aspects of the business without intrusive customizations and costly one-off integrations.

Some examples include distribution, manufacturing, or field service.

13. Manage Employees Effectively 

Foster employee relationships with data-rich tools that support employee success. Acumatica’s modern user interface and mobility make onboarding new employees simple, especially for remote workers or younger employees who are more familiar with mobile apps.

14. Partner with an ERP Publisher Who Cares About Your Success 

Acumatica is unique among midmarket ERP publishers. First, unlike their peers, Acumatica develops, sells, and supports only one ERP application – Acumatica. This sole focus means that every employee is working on the application you use to run your business.

15. Minimize Risk with Support From Cloud 9 ERP Solutions

As mentioned earlier, Acumatica is sold exclusively through a network of implementation partners like Cloud 9 ERP Solutions—A Gold Certified Acumatica Partner.

Acumatica has no direct sales team; the product is sold exclusively through the global network of experienced Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners. VAR Partners for Acumatica receive extensive training and support from the vendor to ensure that clients can get up and running quickly with minimal hiccups and maximum reward.

When you work with an Acumatica Partner, you aren’t just getting a reseller, you are getting a partner who gets to know your business, who understands how to tailor the solution uniquely for you, and who can stand confidently behind the products they sell.

16. Take Advantage of Other Specialized Apps or Integrations

The Acumatica Marketplace includes certified applications such as budgeting, human resources, business intelligence, and industry-specific ISV applications for non-profit, rental, property management, professional services, hospitality, and other industries.

Partner with Award-Winning Acumatica 

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a proven cloud solution for today’s growing business, providing the functionality, flexibility, and access that today’s business leader needs. Built on an adaptable cloud and mobile platform, Acumatica helps mid-sized organizations to operate more efficiently, take control of operations, and grow with ease.

For a more in-depth review of how modern cloud ERP helps companies grow,  and to learn more about Acumatica's core capabilities, view our popular eBook: 16 Ways Your Business Can Grow With Cloud ERP.


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