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Field Service: Tracking Inventory in Real Time—No Matter Where It Is

Many businesses carry inventory. Whether it’s a distributor working to move the inventory from supplier to customer, a manufacturer who needs to convert raw materials to finalized goods, or a retailer who needs to carry enough products to satisfy a customer demand, field service businesses need to know what they have available and know when to reorder.

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Field Service: The Necessary Elements of Service Management

Fill in the blank: “____ happens.” For a lot of companies who specialize in field service, this isn’t just a well-known concept, it’s a fair portion of your revenue stream. Things break down. People get viruses on their computers. Parts need replaced. Often, this is just as—if not more important to a revenue stream as “preemptively repairing equipment so ____ doesn’t happen.”

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Field Service: The Importance of Field Service in Today’s Business

It’s well known that it costs more to keep a customer than it costs to find a new one. But what if part—or most—of your revenue comes from ongoing service of machinery, systems, or products? From the local garage door installer or computer shop to the multinational AV firm or industrial equipment provider, your revenue usually relies not just on the initial sale, but the fast, high-quality service that follows.

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How Field Service Businesses Use ERP to Optimize Dispatching and Route Management

The service technician will be there between two and four. Uh huh… We’ve all been there. Sometimes, the tech arrives at 4:30, or the next day. It seems unavoidable, but it isn’t. Plus, it’s one thing to wait for your fridge to get fixed. It’s another when a multi-million-dollar piece of equipment is down. You want to know when that tech is coming. In fact, you may even have a contract that specifies how quickly he or she is going to arrive with the repair kit.

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Acumatica: Advantages in Field Service Delivery

Field service is an area of business operations that looks easy, but isn’t. That’s because so many companies do it badly. Let’s say your refrigerator breaks. You call for a service appointment. They say they’ll be there between two and four, just in time for hundreds of dollars’ worth of food to go bad. They actually show up at six, only to discover that they’re missing a critical part. They’ll be back the next day, between and two and four... Meanwhile, you’re in a mood to call someone else.

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Utilizing Cloud ERP in Field Service Management

Companies in the Field Service industry have different needs than businesses that work predominantly in office. Employees are working remotely and have limited contact with supervisors and other team members. It comes as no surprise that field service companies require the proper technology to ensure that all employees are connected and able to conduct business just as smoothly as in-house staff.

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