4 Cloud ERP Benefits Our Customers Are Thankful For

Cloud ERP Thankful

During Thanksgiving, many of you will have gathered with family and friends and considered what you are thankful for in your own life. However, the holiday is great a opportunity for the business community to count its blessings too. 

Our customers come to us with a variety of problems - their ERP doesn't support the needs their business (lacks functionality, is hard to use, response time is too slow), their operating costs are too high, or they are relying on spreadsheets to get things done. Therefore, they are VERY thankful when we help them implement a modern, cloud ERP solution. 

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Ultimately, implementing a cloud-based ERP solution like Acumatica will bring harmony and a seamless flow of processes to your workplace. With data integration, automated processes, and real-time analytics, your team can focus on other important business aspects while you put technology to work in your favor.

You should consider using a cloud ERP solution if the following situations resonate with you:

- You’re always late in making decisions because you have to wait for long periods of time before data can be analyzed;

- Your days are constantly interrupted with emergency calls because someone needs you to make a vital decision right away, and you’re the only one equipped with the knowledge and know-how to get the project moving forward;

- The sharing of information has become increasingly difficult as your organization has grown. You try to share spreadsheets and documents via email, but something is always lost in translation. Data gets lost, emails go missing, and before you know it, your project is backlogged, and you can’t even trace its routes.

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Rethink Your ERP

If you’re considering upgrading your ERP system, chances are, your legacy ERP system isn’t cutting the mustard any longer. Maybe, you’ve experienced growth, and your business processes are now more complex. Or, it could be that you have more employees, products, or services on your menu. If your old system can no longer process the large documentation and data that your business is producing, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

So, what is it about Acumatica and Cloud 9 ERP Solutions that makes us a game-changer in the way our customers access information, manage data, and make decisions that they are forever thankful for? 

1) Automation

If your organization hasn’t yet wrapped its arms around the power of cloud-based ERP solutions, your employees are probably dealing with a lot of manual processes. A great program will eliminate unnecessary cutting and pasting of data into spreadsheets that come from a variety of different sources. Old-school methods of bookkeeping and inventory-watching leave a lot of room for costly errors, which can easily be reduced, or even eliminated, when you have automation in your corner.

When you use cloud-based ERP solutions, your employees will have more time to focus on strategic issues—such as using the data to grow your business—versus entering the data into endless Excel spreadsheets or making notes on sticky sheets.

  1. 2) Real-Time Analytics

Cloud ERP solutions offer unequaled data analytics solutions for your organization. The data analysis is conducted in real-time and this ensures that up-to-the-minute information is always available. You can use this knowledge to make more well-informed decisions while enhancing the effectiveness of your organization’s overall effectiveness. These analyses eliminate a situation where a decision could otherwise be made without any true reference to what’s happening within the organization.

  1. 3) Anytime & Anywhere Accessibility

Most users of old ERP systems are tethered to their offices. This is because, when the old ERP models were being developed, engineers didn’t have the type of technology present today (nor had they had to face a pandemic that left many companies scrambling to help their workforces work from home!)

Cloud-based ERP solutions are developed online. They were designed for the dynamic world we live in—one in which customers who want to continue running their business (no matter what pitfalls the world may bring) can keep things going at a steady pace.

  1. 4) Data Integration

Traditional ERP systems suffered from the problem of data fragmentation. Each department within companies had its own software and processes for running each individual company sector. Data was localized to these departments, which made it hard for any meaningful analysis and comparisons to be made. Access to vital information was also a challenge, as employees from other departments had no way of accessing it.

Then, along came cloud-based ERP systems.

Cloud ERP makes it possible for data from different departments to be stored in one central location. The data is available to employees in all departments without any limitations (unless, of course, you choose to put certain parameters on it!) This accessibility helps with improving customer service because everyone has all the information that is required. The result? Customers are able to receive high-quality products and outstanding service, both of which increase their levels of satisfaction with your brand.

Our Customers Are Also Thankful For Great Support

Positive feedback from customers always feels great, but in our case, our customers’ comments can help you understand the benefits of adopting a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Their testimonials also highlight the important role of an implementation partner

  • “Our partner is Cloud 9 ERP Solutions and we have been very happy with them. They have walked us through the implementation process, dug in and found solutions when we needed to do something a little differently and gone to bat for us when we needed help. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our move to Acumatica and working with Cloud 9 ERP Solutions.” - Chris Sanford, CIO, Classical Conversations
  • “The team at Cloud 9 ERP Solutions always responds quickly to our support requests. Most of our issues are resolved within a day or two.” - Troy Maas, CEO / Owner, Kully Supply, Inc.
  • “Gregg’s team knew Everest and Magento. Without that knowledge, I don’t think we could have implemented Acumatica this fast.” - Lance Caswell, President, Caswell Plating
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Ready to join our list of thankful customers? Contact us to answer any questions about cloud-based ERP systems, and let us guide you through the process.


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