Benefits of Integrating Your ERP Software with Microsoft Teams

ERP Integration Microsoft Teams

Now that the world has gotten used to the digitization of the workforce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, tools to increase communication efficiency are in higher demand than ever before. 

Differences in technological literacy caused by generational gaps and varying internet speeds or hardware capability slow down progress, and ways of streamlining team communications are rapidly becoming a critical factor when choosing new software. 

Cloud 9 ERP Solutions and Acumatica both strive to provide digital solutions to enable customers to transit and adapt to the digital economy. As a result, we are discussing the Acumatica and Microsoft Teams integration in more detail below.

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Microsoft Teams 

Long before the pandemic, Microsoft led the way in business operating systems and software solutions. The company maintains an incredible market share to this day. 

With a perfect understanding of its target audience, Microsoft’s Teams communication platform has become a critical part of business interaction in the post-pandemic digital world. 

Teams is powerful, but it can’t do everything on its own — no program can, nor should it be expected to.The Microsoft Teams integration within the Acumatica platform indicates that the company sees its cloud ERP as a significant driver of team collaboration. Collaboration is essential since teams can share information, ideas, and resources to ensure the products are high-quality and secure. 

The Power of Acumatica and Microsoft Teams

Fortunately, Cloud 9 ERP Solutions is here to present a new feature provided by Acumatica Cloud ERP software with automatic integration into your Microsoft Teams workflow. The familiar interface and presentation ease the transition and ensure your employees not only tolerate the training in the new tool but welcome it.

With the Acumatica and Microsoft Teams integration, all inborn functions remain fully intact and ready to provide the same excellent service that you’ve come to expect from this excellent product. 

The seamless integration into Teams ensures you don’t lose a single piece of workflow or functionality but instead makes tasks easier, faster, and more efficient, which allows you and your teams to focus on the more important parts of doing business. 

Streamline Normal Business Functions 

No one wants to sit behind their desk and manually enter two dozen names from an email listing to contact their team or manually open and download a casefile or ticket every time one comes up. 

Thanks to Acumatica, you can message every member of a group or a Teams channel using just a few easy clicks, with easy-to-generate hyperlinks to a specific ticket, business need, or another posting. 

An intuitive interface with complete integration into Microsoft Teams makes it feel like an inborn function, not a specialized program your IT team bought after the fact. 

Powerful Versatility in a Traveling Package 

Modern business also demands that you and your employees move around. Whether you’re visiting a job site, traveling to meet with important clients, or just visiting another office for a meeting, there are times when you need access to your entire suite of tools and information. 

Mobile phones are incredible tools, but sometimes, they just don’t cut it. 

Acumatica’s Cloud integration means that you can sign into any company account from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and work in Teams the same way you would when working hard in your home office or at your desk. 

We save not only your information but your Teams settings, and Acumatica presets and templates as well. After a bit of setup, you can have the same work experience anywhere and work faster than you ever could before. 

Timesaving Templates and Robust Tools 

Your templates are as varied as you make them. Integrating into Microsoft Teams’ employee categories and communication channels makes it easy to address whole groups with quick and easy dropdowns. 

Templates and preset tables that you can write in HTML, paste in, and use whenever you need to let you write reports in seconds instead of minutes. 

It doesn’t sound like much, but over the course of a year, that adds up to something truly extraordinary — five minutes saved every hour adds up to more than 160 person-hours in a single year. Tiny pieces of productivity add up over time to become something gigantic, and Acumatica is the way to make that happen. 

Learn More About the Acumatica and Microsoft Teams Integration

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself — for free and on your own time. Just one of our instructional videos will show you the power of Acumatica’s integration abilities and take your existing tools to the next level. 

Acumatica recognizes the importance of communications and collaborations to most of its customers in their digital transformation efforts. By enhancing the team’s communication and teamwork, the customers will become more efficient and connected throughout and beyond the digitization process. The integration is aligned with Acumatica’s continued commitment to customer success as they pass through current economic challenges.

If you like what you see, the dozens of other videos on our channel are a great way to see if Acumatica — provided by Cloud 9 ERP Solutions— will be right for you.  


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