New Integrations Coming to Acumatica: Adobe Document Cloud and Microsoft Teams

Adobe PDF and Microsoft Teams Acumatica Integration

During the 2021 Acumatica Summit, the company announced new partnerships and integrations to enhance its leading cloud ERP product. The integrations with Adobe Document Cloud and Microsoft Teams are part of the company’s efforts to achieve these goals. 

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Acumatica and Adobe Document Cloud Integration

The Adobe Document Cloud integration will create a platform where customers can highlight, annotate and comment on PDF documents, including saving new and updated versions without leaving Acumatica. The integration presents more efficient digital experiences that will replace the existing cumbersome and outdated processes. These processes will take place all within the Acumatica platform.

The new integration is a significant achievement as the company continues to help its customers navigate through their digital transformation process. Currently, Adobe Document Cloud is a leader in the provision of PDF and electronic signature solutions. The overall aim is to help organizations efficiently turn manual document processes into digital ones. In addition, users can be able to perform actions on documents, workflows, and tasks quickly.

Acumatica intends to use the partnership and integration with leading companies to help customers easily integrate the Adobe Document Cloud solutions to the already-in-use process, systems and applications. These changes will benefit organizations with enhanced ability to access, edit and save PDF documents anywhere. These documents can be reviewed and revised to insert comments to enhance the presentation. The improved functionality is a crucial part of the company’s commitment to the digital transformation of small and mid-size organizations.


Acumatica and Microsoft Teams Integration

The Microsoft Teams integration will allow Acumatica customers to gain instant access to the team’s communication and collaboration features. In turn, this will help them initiate chat and calls with the company within its platform. Microsoft Teams integration are apps specifically built for teams to help with significant activities such as file sharing, project management, business intelligence, and other critical categories. Users can live as teams, enabling the creation of a teamwork hub where participants can compile information from one central dashboard and achieve peak performance objectives.

Acumatica recognizes the importance of communications and collaborations to most of its customers in their digital transformation efforts. By enhancing the team’s communication and teamwork, the customers will become more efficient and connected throughout and beyond the digitization process. The integration is aligned with Acumatica’s continued commitment to customer success as they pass through current economic challenges.


How Will These Integrations Benefit Acumatica Customers?

Acumatica and Cloud 9 ERP Solutions both strive to provide digital solutions to enable customers to transit and adapt to the digital economy. The Summit revealed that the new integrations and partnerships aimed to replace outdated and cumbersome processes with new digital experiences. For instance, the Adobe Document Cloud integration eliminates the need to jump from one app to another. Customers can conduct all the annotations, comment, highlight PDFs and save the updated files without leaving the Acumatica platform. This boosts convenience and eliminates time wasted while working from different apps.  

The Microsoft Teams integration within the Acumatica platform indicates that the company sees its cloud ERP as a significant driver of team collaboration. Collaboration is essential since teams can share information, ideas, and resources to ensure the products are high-quality and secure. In addition, the integration will improve efficiency and reduce time spent on significant activities such as file sharing, project management, business intelligence, and different critical categories. Microsoft Teams is a leading business communication platform that integrates people, tools, and content to enhance engagement and collaboration experiences. Therefore, this integration will increase businesses’ capability to optimize teamwork to improve performance and productivity.

Acumatica’s customer-centric culture views cloud-based ERP as a core element of digital transformation. As companies adapt to the changing environment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Acumatica hopes to provide digital solutions. The pandemic significantly affected business performance and processes and led to the growth of the digital economy. Thus, the integrations and partnerships hope to enable companies to achieve the appropriate transformation to benefit from this growth.

Most small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are yet to implement digital transformation and utilize the cloud. CEO Jon Roskill estimates that 75% of SMBs fall under this category. The emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19 highlighted the need for these businesses to adopt digital transformations to enhance their capabilities quickly respond to such unexpected and uncontrollable situations.

For instance, remote working has been adopted to maintain workflow throughout the pandemic while complying with health protocols. Acumatica hopes to support such organizations with digital solutions for effective collaborations and maximum productivity through Microsoft Teams integration.

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey. These integrations and partnerships will continuously help Acumatica create products that respond to the updated needs of its clients. The improvements are focused on increasing business agility and efficiency through cloud ERP implementations.

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