ERP Flexibility and Integration Deliver Tremendous Business Value

More than 17 million businesses operate in the US. Each is unique, but they all require business management and financial software. When trying to find a solution that best meets their needs, corporations discover that Acumatica delivers needed flexibility and integration, so with the expertise of the right partner like Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, it fits their unique requirements.

Flexible Deployment Options

The flexibility starts with the deployment models available. Many established businesses allocated personnel, space, and money and installed and maintained Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in their own data centers. More than a decade ago, the public cloud emerged and presented them with another option: having their vendor run the computer infrastructure in their data centers.

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The new alternative possessed compelling business justifications, like gaining needed agility, lowering costs, and having the ability to shift corporate resources to strategic areas, like tuning software to improve the business. So, many organizations embraced the cloud.

But the traditional model fits with many organizational mandates. In markets, like financial services and government, security is a prime concern. Managing the computer system themselves provides these organization with total system control.

So, what companies desire is the ability to choose the approach that works best for them, and that is Acumatica delivers. Want to move to the public cloud? No problem. Are you content keeping your software on site? You have that option also.

Learn more in ERP Deployment Flexibility: A Unique Benefit of Acumatica.

Gain Access to a Complete Set of Financial Interactions

Another plus is different editions are available. Financial management software provides businesses with a full suite of accounting functions to track daily financial operations and generate quarterly and annual financial statements. In addition, it provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning. Features include:

- General Ledger: maintains the charts of all accounts; controls financial periods, ledgers, allocations; and quickly and easily illustrates critical data in easy-to-use, comprehensive reports.

- Accounts Receivable: manages customer accounts and improves collections by automating processes and tracking financial transactions. The software generates invoices, sends out statements, tracks commissions, and creates reports.

- Accounts Payable: monitors vendor invoices, automates payment processing, predicts cash requirements, tracks vendor balances, optimizes available discounts, and has robust reporting capabilities.

- Cash Management: controls daily transactions, cash balances, and funds transfers, and reconciles accounts.

- Currency Management: enables a company to conduct business internationally and empowers them to manage international subsidiaries.

- Tax Management: Support centralizes tax configuration and management and presents information in intuitive reports.

- Deferred Revenue Accounting: automates deferred revenue calculations for revenue recognition in future periods in compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 regulations.

- Recurring Revenue Management: manages recurring billing, so you improve cash flow, billing accuracy, and customer service.

- Fixed Assets: delivers complete visibility of fixed assets and calculates depreciation.

- Bank Feeds: connect to over 14,000 financial institutions to automate bank transaction imports.

- Advanced Expense Management: eliminates manual expense management processes with smart expense matching, features push notifications, and automates transaction feeds.

- Time Management: captures employee or crew time for projects, service, and payroll and supports mobile time entry.

- Intercompany Accounting: manages financial reporting, payments, cash management, and transfers within multiple business entities

- Acumatica Payroll: oversees all payroll functions and features simple payroll setup, processing, and reporting.

- Financial Reporting Tool: creates reports without needing programming experience

- Reporting: manage and modify hundreds of existing reports with ease.

- Mobile Applications: Enter expense receipts, time, and other daily activities with a native mobile system 

Configured and implemented by an exclusive network of partners like Gold Certified Acumatica Partner Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, this product provides a feature-rich accounting suite, fully integrated with Acumatica’s Distribution Management, Manufacturing Management, Field Services Management, and Commerce industry editions discussed below.

Building Your Ideal Solution With Industry Editions

Rather than herding you into standard ERP functionality, Acumatica delivers its product through editions—providing you an initial vision of a product before allowing you to tailor the product to meet your business requirements. Learn more about each edition below: 

- Distribution Edition: From process automation to order fulfillment, inventory tracking and customer support, Acumatica Distribution Management delivers the functionality and ease of use you deserve.

- Manufacturing Edition: Connects production planning and the shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination of activities across your entire business.

- Field Service Edition: Connects the most important processes in delivering service for customers, integrating dispatch with technicians, inventory with products to be serviced, and customers with the service they need.

- Commerce Edition: Provides a feature-rich financial backbone paired with inventory management, order management, ecommerce and POS integration, reporting, and more.

How can you tailor your solution even further? Something Acumatica does well to provide even more value is the combination of the suites above. For example, combining manufacturing and field service to offer a robust solution. Take OFS International as an example.

OFSi provides premium products required in the oil and gas industry, specifically for horizontal shale drilling. The company also sells services such as pipe inspection, pipe storage, accessories, field services, and rig returns. OFSi is known worldwide for its pipe threading, which includes manufacturing of premium couplings.

As we build the business from purely a service company to a manufacturing and full solution provider, we needed more than just an inventory system,” Dorovskikh says. “Acumatica gives us the capability to provide PO’s, available raw material, and manufacturing modules to provide accurate available for-sale inventories, including all pertinent costs.”

After replacing Sage with Acumatica, OFSi: 

- Gained a high-value, affordable foundation that can handle rapid growth

- Gained transparency into operations, finance, and inventory

- Streamlined operations and processes

- Avoided $175,000 in user-fee costs and about $250,000 in customization changes

- Acquired foundation to scale operations including field services

Robust Integration Functions

Financial systems do not operate in isolation. Customers have a number of other applications that they share data with starting with  Acumatica’s CRM solutions. They include CRM (Salesforce Automation); CRM Service & Support Case Management; and CRM Portals

To further tailor the solution, enterprises receive

- Cloud xRP Platform: an application development platform that meets every business requirement.

- Mobile Support: delivers the ability to enter information on Apple Inc. iPhone or Google Android devices.

- Time Management: captures time for employees, contractors, and other staff or resources.

- Reporting and Analysis: managers understand how your organization runs by using self-service reporting tools that deliver real time information, so they address any requirements shortfalls ASAP.

Finally, the product line is fully extensible. Customers use open interfaces to link to any features they need and third party products. In essence, it provides a business with foundational financial applications as well as the ability to add other needed services that support their business.

Let's Create Your Ideal ERP Solution

The millions of US businesses each have their unique requirements. They all need a robust financial system but one that adheres to their business rather than vice versa. Acumatica offers tremendous flexibility in deployment models and system capabilities. Its leading edge integration functions enable organizations to tune the system to their business, improve business processes, and perform more effectively. It meets every business need, no matter how much they vary.

When exploring your options, the right partner can help you understand what’s available and forge ahead confidently. At Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, we don’t like the term value-added reseller. Do we resell software from a top vendor (Acumatica) in the business management software space? Yes. Do we add value? Our customers certainly think so. But we’re putting a lot more on the table than that.

After more than 30 years’ experience making business management software work for our clients, we never thought of ourselves as simply resellers—we thought of ourselves as partners. We still put our name on the line for every project and our best resources for each job.

Get to know more about usour successes, and our industry expertise here, and let’s get in touch to discuss your ERP needs.


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