Top 9 Manufacturing ERP Software Modules


Like the popular credit card commercials that ask, “What’s in your wallet?” a good ERP solution provider should ask, “What’s in your factory?” Having worked with many manufacturing customers over the years, we can confidently say that no two are quite alike. Some produce millions of items that cost a few cents each. Others produce a single product, like a locomotive or a jet engine that sells for millions of dollars. There’s make-to-order, make-to-inventory and project shops. Some manufacturers only make one thing over and over, like companies who produce thousands of miles of copper wire every day.

However, even makers of virtually identical products can have significantly different approaches to sourcing, order management, manufacturing operations, logistics and so forth. For this reason, no two ERP manufacturing solutions will serve the same needs. Each configuration will be slightly different. Manufacturers will need to figure out a mix of ERP functionality that enables them to run their businesses profitably and grow in line with their strategies.

Modern ERP solutions provide many options that suit varied scenarios. What ERP modules would you need for your manufacturing business? It depends on your business, but in general, a well-run manufacturing firm will deploy the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module of an ERP solution. MRP is about maintaining optimal inventory levels through use of a planning tool. In addition, the company should probably use the HR and financial management modules for general business purposes.

ERP suites like Acumatica then offer a range of applications that speak to specific manufacturing needs. Not every manufacturer will need all of these, but it’s worth taking a moment to review what they are and how they work in manufacturing management.

  • 1) Advanced Inventory

    This Acumatica module provides real-time access to available inventory as well as inventory in transit. It gives visibility into reorder quantities and inventory costs. With advanced inventory, you can efficiently manage your distribution process in order to increase profit while improving customer satisfaction. The module lets you manage multiple warehouses along with bin locations, lots, inventory sub-items and expiration dates.
  • 2) Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routing

  • The BOM is the document that guides manufacturing planning. This module enables efficient planning and management of inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes. It offers full revision control, with views of product structure that span its engineering and financial dimensions.
  • 3) Production Management

  • Shop floor schedules flow from this application along with material and labor cost tracking. You can compare standard and planned production with the order’s actual costs.
  • 4) Product Configurator

  • If your business lets customers configure the product the way they want it, a multi-level, dimensional, rules-based system can be a huge boost to productivity. You can use the Acumatica Product Configurator in quotes, sales orders, taking advantage of non-hierarchical feature selections and configuration evaluation. It enables a real time cost rollup.
  • 5) Estimating

  • The estimates you create with this application can be for new or existing products. You can then convert the estimate into a BOM or a production order.
  • 6) Advanced Financials

  • Manufacturers sometimes have sophisticated financial needs, including General Ledger consolidation, automatic revenue recognition and sub-accounts.
  • 7) Order Management

  • This module lets you manage your sales activities while streamlining the procurement processes and automating order fulfillment. It can be set up to work with internal or external clients.
  • 8) Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • In a complex operation, you may want to have the ability to meet customer demands with accurate and reliable delivery dates that are based on resource availability.
  • 9 ) Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • The Acumatica WMS helps streamline your distribution processes with advanced inventory management, receiving and order fulfillment.

We work with manufacturers every day, helping them identify how ERP modules align with their operations and business strategies. Whether you’re outgrowing your current software, finding that your legacy systems aren’t ready to handle your needs, or you’re looking for something more suited to your processes and needs, the right advice, assistance, and support can make or break your ERP journey. At Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, we understand the challenges that manufacturers face in selecting ERP software, and have supported companies just like yours throughout their journey.

Interested in learning more? Watch our Acumatica Manufacturing demo.


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