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Cloud 9 ERP Solutions introduces Amazon merchants to the exciting rollout of the Amazon Commerce Connector for Acumatica, inviting them to explore and test its innovative functionalities. This comprehensive guide is here to assist you in seamlessly setting up and utilizing this new feature.

Acumatica - Amazon Commerce Connector: A Comprehensive Setup Guide

On April 2, 2024, Acumatica introduced a new feature - the Amazon Commerce Connector. This tool, currently in its pre-release beta form, is designed to streamline operations by enabling users to set up, use, diagnose, and send orders, payments, shipping, and item information back and forth to their Amazon Store. Follow along with the video here.


Setting Up the Amazon Commerce Connector

  • Navigate to the Commerce section and find the option for Amazon stores.
  • Go to Amazon Seller Central, search for Acumatica, and authorize Amazon to provide your selling partner account information.
  • Enter the necessary details, click 'Connect', then authorize the connection in your Acumatica Amazon store.


Understanding the Different Entities

In the Amazon store in Acumatica, you’ll find various entities that you can import and export from and to. These include:

  1. Product Linking Only: This entity pulls down all potential products that you should have in your system from Amazon. It only validates the products and does not create anything. If you don’t have these products in Acumatica, you’ll need to create them.
  2. Product Availability: This entity sends your product information over to Amazon so that it knows how much you have in stock.
  3. Sales Orders: These are fulfilled by the merchant, meaning you, not Amazon.
  4. Marketplace Fulfilled Order: When you import this, you’re essentially bringing in an invoice. Amazon lets you know about the sales you’ve made.
  5. Sales Invoice: This is an obsolete entity that Acumatica used to use because it used to import invoices. Now, it’s importing an order with an invoice type.
  6. Payment Information: This includes all the fees that have nothing to do with the payment but you’re still paying for it anyway.
  7. Shipping Information: This is exported out to Amazon so it can report back to the customer about their product and when the order will get there.

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Protecting Personal Data
Install a certificate in Acumatica to protect personal data and maintain control. Amazon does not handle customer data; orders are imported with shipping information only.

Preparing and Processing Data

In Acumatica's Commerce workspace, you can select and schedule data preparation for different entities. To link products, set them up in Amazon first and then import them into Acumatica using SKUs and descriptions.

Updating Product Availability

To update product availability, go to inventory, add your item, adjust stock levels, and prepare data for processing.

Processing Orders and Payments

Once payment is verified, prepare the sales order in Acumatica for processing. Map payment method and fees to process payment.

Do you sell on Amazon?

The Amazon Commerce Connector for Acumatica offers a streamlined way to manage your Amazon store. While this guide doesn’t cover everything about the Amazon connector and all the different types of business workflows, it provides a comprehensive overview of how to set up and use this new feature.

If you have any questions about this or anything else Acumatica, feel free to reach out. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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