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How AV Firms Take Control with Cloud ERP

Whether your specialty is residential or commercial, if you install network and structured cabling, your company has very specialized requirements when it comes to business software. Few solutions today are built for your unique needs, and even fewer have proven successes. If you’re tired of using a patchwork set of applications to manage core accounting, field service, CRM, and more, we invite you to learn from your AV industry peers who have already fought the battle and won.

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What’s New in Acumatica 2018 R2?

Acumatica is designed for its customers, built to make it easier for end users to do their jobs. However, there is no such thing as complacency for the firm, and they continually work to make improvements to the product. Whether they are compliance necessities, interface improvements, or better integrations, Acumatica continues to make twice-yearly improvements based on customer requests, with the most recent update, R2 2018 featuring big changes to make the product better.

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