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roadmap ecommerce success

Implementing eCommerce: Your Roadmap for Success

Over the last few years, the world has seen a spike in eCommerce, and 2020 certainly lent a hand to this industry. As people were confined to their homes and afraid or unable to go to stores to buy the products they needed, eCommerce became an absolute necessity for households all across the world. Each day, more and more distributors, retailers, and manufacturers are jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon, increasing competition and making it harder for companies to stand out above the crowd. According to recent data, worldwide eCommerce sales exceeded $4.28 trillion in 2020, with U.S. eCommerce sales accounting for $215 billion in just the first quarter of 2021.

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Retail Ecommerce Flexibility

Acumatica Provides Retail and Ecommerce Companies With Financial Flexibility

Changes in buyer purchasing patterns picked up steam as the pandemic raged in 2020. As a result, retailers need a modern financial solution, one that is flexible and supports technologies, like cloud, mobile, or even curbside pickup. In response, the Acumatica team has been working diligently to enhance their Cloud ERP suite, so it surpasses these market demands with the release of Acumatica 2021 R1.

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Ecommerce ERP Data

Building a Comprehensive Approach to eCommerce Requires the Right Data

2020 changed the way that product-based businesses needed to work. Whether the change impacted a traditionally bricks-and-mortar retailer looking for opportunities to undo the damage of lockdowns, a distributor seeing increased pressure to embrace technology, or a manufacturer looking to pivot, many players in each of these industries turned to ecommerce to keep the money flowing in.

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socially distanced holiday season

Retailers: Are You Prepared for a Socially-Distanced Holiday Season?

The key to preparing your retail business for the holidays is to start doing so right after the holidays end. Well, it’s likely that you did that—but plans change when a global pandemic hits. Supply chains changed. Your business probably had to shut down for at least a month. And now that you’re ramping back up, you’re doing so with fewer customers allowed in your business.

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Should You Consider an eCommerce Initiative as a Manufacturer?

Times have changed. Whether you’re reading this in the midst of the pandemic or after everything has gone back to normal, you know that the way businesses operate has evolved, and success relies on your ability to be adaptable. But the times have been changing for a while now—and not just because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Over the past decade, everything from manufacturing processes to the way goods are purchased has changed, and it pays to stay ahead.

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