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Should You Consider an eCommerce Initiative as a Manufacturer?

Times have changed. Whether you’re reading this in the midst of the pandemic or after everything has gone back to normal, you know that the way businesses operate has evolved, and success relies on your ability to be adaptable. But the times have been changing for a while now—and not just because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Over the past decade, everything from manufacturing processes to the way goods are purchased has changed, and it pays to stay ahead.

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Drop Shipping Management: How ERP Can Help

Drop shipping is an important part of the supply chain process for eCommerce businesses. The retailer does not need to have a product in its inventory. Instead, they can transfer customer orders to another retailer, the manufacturer or wholesaler, which then ships the order directly to its destination.

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The Slow Season: How Ecommerce Brands Can Prepare for the Year Ahead

February is upon us, and for many retailers both online and in-store, this time of year represents the “slow season,” a time when your customers are repaying credit cards from the holidays, saving up for vacations, or working on New Year’s resolutions. For organizations like yours, this is the time to start planning for the times in the coming year when it will be “all hands on deck.”

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Giving Yourself the Gift of Smarter Commerce ERP

The holidays are upon us, and this means ecommerce companies are in scramble mode. Do you have enough product to fill each order? Did you send the right product? Is it time to reorder? How long will it take to restock? For many companies like yours, you are the most important part of your customers’ holidays: You deliver that one item that puts a smile on each recipient’s face.

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Three Reasons It May Be Time to Break Up with Your Ecommerce ERP System

Breakups are never easy. Both sides put immense effort into making it work, but there often comes a time when it just stops working. Knowing this, one of the most common reasons for a breakup is that one party continues to put more and more work into the relationship only to get less and less from the partner. Much like a real relationship, this happens quite often with business management software—you continue to put more and more effort into the equation each day, month, or year and see diminishing returns.

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