How Modern ERP Benefits Home and Office Supply Companies

How Modern ERP Benefits Home and Office Supply Companies

These last few years have challenged the business world in ways no reasonable leader ever expected. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization process to a breakneck speed and shows no signs of slowing down as physical needs disappear in the face of modern digital priorities. 

The world is ready for remote work, and the number of traditional offices has begun to shrink. As those that remain offer hybrid work opportunities and reduce commercial real estate requirements and look to cheaper options, the companies that supply them are being forced to change as well. 

Home and office supply companies face a challenging situation. They must meet and adapt to these changes, both internally and on the business side. Demand for traditional office products is falling fast and failing to adapt ahead of your competition will leave you in the dust. 

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We could spend all day discussing the various steps in your logistical and supply chains that you need to consider when choosing the proper ERP software, but you know your business and your industry better than we ever will. 

Instead, here are a few critical business considerations going forward as the industrial world continues to change at an impossible pace. 

Digital Shift 

The explosion of remote work means that both your employees and your customers expect you to adjust to current digital priorities. 

Managers working remotely can’t review procedures and check inventory in the same way. Remote marketers don’t see the products coming in and out of warehouses, and without properly integrated software solutions, they might have no idea what existing customers are asking for. 

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software that combines all of the data from every aspect of your business is vital in the modern era of distant, interconnected teams. 

This invaluable software solution allows your team members at every level to track cash flow, raw materials, production capacity and warehouse inventory, sales and marketing, accounting data and procurement, and far more. 

There are dozens of options out there, but Acumatica is the gold standard in cloud-based ERP software solutions. It employs dedicated cloud security that keeps your data stored safely off site since the last few years have shown us that we need to expect the unprecedented and prepare for catastrophes. 


As your customers’ procedures and policies continue to change on a dime, it’s critical that your business possess the agility to adapt and supply them with materials and products that meet their new needs. 

If a customer decides that their business requires 500 laptops and another 500 routers instead of 1,000 reams of printer paper and 100 staplers, can you match that new supply requirement and deliver goods with the same efficiency?

Old methods of communication — multiple meetings, phone calls, and emails to members of each relevant team — are outmoded and outstripped by proper ERP software that adjusts the order, sends it out to your delivery team, and records the change in the customer’s history with nothing more than a few clicks. 

The business receives its new supplies on time, and you reap the benefits of another customer who is satisfied and ready to choose you again. 

Lasting Loyalties 

With business purchase habits changing to large one-time electronic purchases rather than ongoing requests for consumable supplies, the customers who are ready to return to you, again and again, are your most valuable. 

Retaining existing buyers and obtaining long-term supply contracts where you continue to meet expectations in exchange for repeated purchases should become your new goal.

Proper ERP management software like Acumatica’s suite gives you the tools you need to manage customer history and adjust scheduled schedules orders with ease. Acumatica CRM includes web-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and customer accounts.

Delivery Optimization 

Customers expect you to compete with existing delivery services. With their needs changing at an incredible pace, they need you to deliver what they need as soon as they need it. 

Proper resource and logistics management is key, but with supply chains growing more decentralized every day, it can feel next to impossible to adjust your orders in time without proper software. 

Choose the Right Software for Your Home and Office Supply Company

Making the right changes quickly is hard. Choosing the right software solution to make those changes is even harder. Convincing stakeholders of the importance of these upgrades is even harder still. 

Built in the cloud to connect your entire home and office supply business, Acumatica has made it easy for those in this highly competitive industry to manage the complexities and challenges they face. From process automation to order fulfillment, inventory tracking and customer support, Acumatica Distribution Management delivers the functionality and ease of use you deserve.

Though many companies claim to work with distribution, it’s all about finding the right one for your business needs. Few solutions exist today that can handle both the financial and inventory management needs of companies like yours, and even fewer partners know how to deliver such a solution.

If you need a business management solution that can deliver for the unique challenges of the home and office supply industry, you need a partner with the experience and expertise to get you there.

At Cloud 9 ERP Solutions, a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner, we have worked with companies like yours to configure and deliver Acumatica Cloud ERP, a product ready and able to handle your challenges.


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