Top KPIs Home and Office Supply Companies Should Be Tracking

KPIs Home and Office Supply

Business leaders have to continuously track and assess many important metrics, including shipping, payments, and employee compensation. Vital day-to-day tasks require ongoing oversight and accounting.  

Home and office supply companies working with important resources benefit from integrated solutions that offer real-time control over product management. This integration means it’s essential to know which data points to track.

Transform Your Home and Office Supply Company

What Are Key Performance Indicators?

With enterprise resource planning (ERP), decision-makers have fine-tuned control over their accounting and procurement practices. Key performance indicators (KPIs) give decision-makers better control over which metrics to focus on. This control makes managing daily activities easier than ever before.

KPIs provide a data-driven method for home and office supply companies to create and deploy resource management solutions for the modern marketplace. Tracking and managing KPIs is simplified with ERP software.

Why Use ERP Software?

There are many reasons for enterprise leaders to switch to ERP software for their KPI management. ERP software is more efficient. It provides a fast, flexible, and affordable solution for businesses operating on a budget. 

Modern ERP software is also an important source of growth for businesses. By reducing overhead and offering more options for resource management, ERP software provides users with long-term solutions to their cloud resource needs.

Acumatica ERP software provides accessibility, reliability, and control to users across the enterprise.

Which KPIs Are Right for Your Business?

Implementing user-level software within a business can have many advantages. For enterprise companies, ERP can offer better support models, a knowledge base of specialized advice, machine-driven plugins, oversight over user-level data, and reduced liabilities.

Understanding which KPIs are right for tracking your home and office supply company means understanding the best tools for the job. Some important KPIs to track include:

Customer Support Satisfaction

Businesses should use client relationship data to build a helpful and supportive environment with access to a centralized portal for customer support. Managers can use Acumatica ERP software to track manufacturing, distribution, and commerce within their networks. This tracking is essential for moving products through the supply chain. 

With ERP customer support solutions, users have access to best-in-class customer relationship management (CRM) software for managing clients with ease. If you need better support systems for your business, Acumatica ERP provides the best tool for getting the job done right.

Quality of Consulting Services

Business owners and financial planners often need to share their knowledge and expertise throughout the enterprise. Access to data associated with organizational success across channels is essential for maximizing profits over the long term.

Decision-makers who deploy ERP software can effectively develop real-time solutions for the unique challenges facing their business. With Acumatica, it’s easy to communicate and understand specific business needs, goals, and objectives without wasting time trying to communicate core messaging. 

Technical Capacity

Delivery of goods and services with minimal managerial oversight is essential for business leaders and working professionals who have a lot to do. Having key data associated with automated services and other technical aspects of product delivery is an essential part of resource planning and management for modern leaders.

ERP solutions give businesses access to an automated platform for building and deploying their resource management solutions. By deploying Acumatica, managers and business owners will spend less time worrying about planning, tracking, and analyzing their product movements and more time doing what’s important. 

Quality Control

Keeping track of partner information is a core aspect of resource planning. Knowing where products and services are supposed to be delivered — and to who — can take a lot of time and effort. 

For decision-makers who want to reduce the overhead of managing important user accounts, it’s essential to have key data associated with the quality of service.

ERP is an effective solution that can deliver better oversight with less technical overhead. By offering a centralized management platform for keeping track of important data flows, Acumatica is redefining how business is done.

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Tracking KPIs is one of the strategies you can adopt to grow your home and office supply company. It can assist you to allocate resources better, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance your revenue. That's why you should incorporate the KPIs in this post for a streamlined and efficient distribution process.

For a detailed and comprehensive list of distribution KPIs, download our whitepaper Top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Distribution to learn more.

Finally, watch our Acumatica Distribution Edition demo to learn how the right ERP software connects people, processes, and technologies across your wholesale distribution company to facilitate everything from finances to inventory to customer relationships.

For home and office supply companies, who need complete control and visibility into their products and processes, it’s often hard to find a solution that can deliver, much less a partner to get you there. Enter Cloud 9 ERP Solutions.

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